Learn more about becoming a part of the MIB Group and experience the benefits of working together in an always advancing environment.

What makes MIB a great place to work?

MIB focuses on the development of our people and the growth and sense of achievement-driven people. We not only want to give the best for our clients, but also the best for our people by making sure we facilitate their growth process.

Empower to Achieve

We support our people to have a meaningful work-life by creating positive impacts and sustainable values.

Training & Development

We offer our people various training and development programs to improve the capabilities of our people.

Working Remotely

We make sure that we can always collaborate with each other from a distance, whether from the office, clients' site, home, or your favorite place.

What do people say about the MIB culture?

During my internship experience, what stands out to me the most is working together with clients as it helps most with my professional development. In MIB, I learned how to manage time, collaborate with clients and colleagues, and also learn to think critically to solve challenges. MIB offers hands-on experience, which is one of the many reasons why I highly encourage everyone to join MIB.

Gabriel Muara Thobias
Tax Associate Intern

Our Culture and Values.

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