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Application Process.

Learn more how to apply to your preferred jobs positions through the steps provided here.


Start by looking for your jobs in the job search section of each job types. Learn more about your preferred roles.


Online Test

After you apply, we will reach out to you and provide an online test for you to do. The test will be conducted through an online platform, where you will have an AI watching over you and during the test, you will be recorded.


The test will be conducted in English, so please make sure to familiarize yourself with terms in your respective fields in English.

Keep track of your time! The test will be divided into timed section with different allocated times. Please make sure that you always check how much time you have.

The interviewing process will be about yourself!

We want to hear everything about you.

 We would like to hear your knowledge, expertise, and experience in your respective fields. We will also conduct a problem-solving skill test by giving you a case study in accordance with your fields.



The interview will be conducted in English, so please make sure to familiarize yourself. We have also provided a more detailed explanation of the interview process on the interview video.

Relax and take a deep breath! Think of the interview process as a conversation. We are open to hear everything about you, so please always highlight yourself and your skills. 


Congratulations! You have made it this far. In this stage we will offer you compensations and benefits of working at MIB. 

Once you accept the offering, we will proceed to send you an agreement letter. By signing the agreement letter, you agree to be a part of MIB.


Welcome to MIB!

Important Notice

MIB does not collect any form of application fee

MIB does not collect any form of fees throughout our application process. We do not, at any stage of our recruitment processes, collect any fees from candidates nor require candidates to process payments on our behalf. During your communication with MIB, please check the email addresses and our contact number as we only communicate through official accounts.

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