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Graduates Career.

Learn more about becoming a part of the MIB Group and experience the benefits of working together in an always-advancing environment.

Become a part of MIB.

Experience the advantages of working together in an environment that pushes your need to always advance your skills. MIB welcomes people who are always eager to develop themselves. 

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MIB gives opportunities for graduates to apply what they have learned and to develop skills and expertise by working alongside professionals to create positive impacts and sustainable values on businesses and society.

MIB is the place for top talents from respected universities. We look for unique and talented individuals with strong academic records and experience in related organizations.


By joining MIB, you will have a clear career path. You will start learning our day-to-day activities and developing professional skills. You will also be able to tackle and take part in exciting work and services activities through engaging with clients and other possible job activities related to your field of choice. The possibilities are endless!

As you progress, you will always have the opportunities to reach the highest point of your career path here at MIB. We are committed to always help you to achieve your career goals. 

What To Expect.

Career Development
Coaching and Training
Valuable Work Experience


Final semester or recent graduate students
Strong academic records, proven by a minimum GPA 3.00 out of 4.00
Active in organizational skills with exposures in related fields
Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English

As a finance and accounting intern at MIB, I have gained valuable hands-on experience in the field of finance and accounting. MIB helped me in developing practical skills and a deeper understanding of financial operations within a professional setting

Dina Aulia
Finance & Accounting Intern
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Application Process.

Apply and learn more about the application process at MIB.

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