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Privacy Policy

PT MIB Global Grup (“MIB”) is a group of certified and registered professionals in Indonesia where each member is independent, compliant with our standards, and responsible for the works and services provided to the clients.

This Privacy Policy aims to explain how MIB collects, uses and implements User Personal Data. MIB is committed to always respecting and protecting any data or information from any User of the website



1. MIB is responsible for data privacy based on the applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia.


2."Personal Data" in this Privacy Policy is certain individual data that is retained, treated, and the accuracy of which is maintained as well as the confidentiality of which is protected.

3. By visiting the website, registering an account, requesting for proposal, or using the service of MIB, the User acknowledges and agrees that the User accepts the practices, requirements and/or policies in this Privacy Policy. The user also allows MIB to collect, use, disclose and/or process the User's personal data which will be explained below.

4. If the User does not allow the things that have been stated in Article 1 number 3 above, then please do not use the services from MIB or access the MIB website.


Acquisition and Collection of Personal Data

1. MIB collects User Personal Data such as from Users, clients, job applicants, and other individuals with the aim of processing User transactions, managing and expediting the process of using the website, as well as other purposes as long as permitted by applicable laws and regulations.



2. The main types of Personal Data collected and stored by MIB are related to:

  • Contact details of our client organizations, vendors, business contacts, and prospective clients. Generally includes name, address, telephone number, email address, and position;

  • Personal information collected in order to provide services to Users, for example, financial details if MIB is conducting tax services;

  •  Personal information collected is related to people who attend events that MIB holds, sponsors, or engages in; and

  •  Personal information is collected from job applicants when they apply for a job at MIB.


3. In addition, MIB also obtains and collects data from:

a. Data submitted by the User, including, but not limited to, data submitted at the time of the User :

  • Create or update MIB accounts, including those included are Usernames, email addresses, telephone numbers, passwords, addresses, photos, educational information, payment information, personal interests, and other information that can identify Users ;

  • Fill out surveys sent by MIB or other parties officially appointed to represent MIB;

  • Use features on the website that require access permission to relevant data stored on the User's device; and

  • Data used to help identify and prevent fraud.

b. Data recorded when the User uses the MIB website, including but not limited to:

  • Real-location data or estimates such as IP addresses, Wi-Fi locations, and geolocation;

  • Data in the form of time from each User activity related to the use of the website;

  • Data Device information about where the User device can be identified, such as the device serial number, about the User device, the operating system and its versions, file names and versions, language choices, unique device identifiers, serial numbers, and/or cellular network information;

  • Data records (logs), including records on servers that receive data such as device IP addresses, date and time of access, application features or pages viewed, application work process and other system activities, browsers, and/or third-party websites or services that Users use before interacting with the MIB website.

c. Data obtained from other sources, including but not limited to:

  • Data in the form of geolocation from MIB business partners that help in developing and presenting services on the website to Users, including payment service providers, logistics, website infrastructure, and other partners; 

  • Data in the form of emails, telephone numbers, full names, gender, and/or date of birth of the business partner where the User creates or accesses MIB, such as social media services, or websites; and

  • Data in the form of emails from marketing service providers.

4. Users are not required to provide Personal Data that MIB requests. However, if you do not choose not to do so, in many cases MIB will not be able to provide MIB services to Users or respond to requests that Users may have.


Data Collection Time

1. MIB will / may collect User Personal Data at a time, but not limited to:

  • The user registers or uses the MIB Service or website, or opens an account with MIB;

  • The user makes an agreement or provides documents or other information in connection with the User's interaction with MIB, or when the User uses MIB services; 

  • Users interact with MIB, such as by telephone (which may be recorded), face-to-face meetings, e-mail, social media, and others;

  • The user gives permission on the User's device to share information with the MIB website;

  • Users make transactions through the MIB website;

  • Users express criticism and advice or complaints to MIB; and

  • The user sends the User's personal data to MIB for any reason.


User Privacy Rights

Users have the rights in connection with their Personal Data as follows :


1. MIB respects the User's ability to know, access, correct, transfer, limit processing, and delete User Personal Data. MIB grants these rights to Users and if the User chooses to exercise this privacy right, the User has the right not to be treated discriminatively or to receive a lower level of service;

2. The user has the right to limit or refuse the processing of personal data or request the deletion of personal data;


3. The user has the right to refuse MIB processing Personal Data if MIB has no right to use it anymore.


4. In some situations, maybe MIB cannot fulfill the User's request. For example, if the User requests MIB to delete the User's transaction data and MIB is legally obliged to keep the transaction record to comply with the law.


5. MIB may also refuse to fulfill requests in Article 4 number 2 if it would damage the use of legitimate MIB data for anti-fraud and security purposes, such as when a User requests the deletion of an account that is being investigated due to security concerns.


6. Other reasons for a user's privacy request can be denied if it endangers the privacy of others.

7. Users can submit requests or use the above rights by contacting MIB through the inquiry form located at the Contact Us page on the MIB website and MIB will make all reasonable and practical efforts to fulfill your request, with records must be in accordance with applicable laws and professional standards.


User Options and Transparency

1. Mobile devices generally have settings so that MIB cannot access certain data without the consent of the User. By using the MIB website, the User is deemed to give their consent to the collection and use of the User's Personal Data in their device;

2. Users can also access and change information in the form of e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, birthdates, gender, address lists, and other things contained in the settings on the website;

3. To the extent that it does not conflict with the provisions of applicable laws and regulations, Users can contact MIB to withdraw approval of the acquisition, collection, storage, management, and use of User data. If this happens, the User can understand the consequences that the User can no longer use the website's services or other MIB services.


Data Storage

1. MIB will store User Personal Data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


2. MIB will destroy or anonymize the User's Personal Data when MIB considers that:

  • The purpose of the Personal Data collected is no longer functioning by the storage of the Personal Data; 

  • Storage is no longer needed for any legal or business purpose; and

  • There is no warrant that legitimizes further withdrawal of personal data.

3. In the event that the User stops using the MIB website, or the User's permission to use the website and/or service is terminated or withdrawn, MIB can continue to store, use and/or disclose the User's personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and MIB obligations under statutory regulations.

4. As a form of compliance with applicable law, MIB will safely dispose of the User's Personal Data without prior notice to the User.


Disclosure of User Personal Data to Third Parties

1. MIB will reveal the User's Personal Data with a note:

  • If appropriate for the purpose of MIB;

  • If needed under applicable law;

  • If MIB believes that the disclosure is appropriate to enforce or apply the terms of the engagement, and other agreements or vice versa protect and defend the rights, property, or safety of MIB; 

  • To comply with judicial proceedings, court orders or other legal obligations, or regulatory or government investigations; or

  • With the user's approval.

2. MIB can share User Personal Data with service providers acting on behalf of MIB, MIB partners, or others on the direction of the User. Furthermore, MIB will not share Personal Data with third parties for their own marketing purposes.

3. Apart from Article 7 number 2, MIB also guarantees no disclosure, the sale, diversion, distribution and / or lending of User Personal Data to third parties without the consent of the User, except for efforts to comply with legal obligations and the presence of a valid request from a law enforcement apparatus or an authorized state organizer agency.

4. Recipients of third-party Personal Data including but not limited to:

  • Professional advisors;

  • Insurer;

  • Government based on laws and regulations;

  • Regulatory bodies and other professionals;

  • Stock exchange and listing;

  • Courts, police, and law enforcement agencies based on laws and regulations;

  • Service providers; and

  • Support provider.


Compliance and Cooperation with Regulators

MIB will regularly review this Privacy Policy and ensure that MIB processes the User's Personal Data in a manner consistent with applicable laws and regulations.



1. Cookies are small files that will automatically take place inside the User's device with functions to save User preferences and configurations while visiting a website.

2. MIB websites, online services, and advertisements can use "cookies" and other technologies. This technology plays a role in helping MIB to better understand User behavior including for security and fraud prevention purposes, notifying MIB which part of the MIB website Users have visited, and facilitating and measuring the effectiveness of advertisements and web search.

3. The cookies referred to in this privacy policy are divided into:

  • Communication cookies, used to activate network traffic and from the MIB system, include helping MIB detect any errors;

  • Cookies, that are indispensable, are set as needed to provide certain features or services that the User has accessed or requested;

  • Other cookies, used to understand how visitors interact with MIB online websites and services, include helping MIB assess the effectiveness of advertisements and web searches.

4. Although it is automatic, Users can still be given the option to make modifications through the User's browser settings, which is by rejecting cookies.


Children and Personal Data

1. In this privacy policy, MIB understands the importance of maintaining children's personal data. MIB considers children to be individuals under the age of 13 (thirteen) years.


2. MIB does not intentionally collect or store Personal Data or non-personal information from anyone under the age of 13 (thirteen) years and any part of other MIB website or services.

3. As a parent or legal guardian of a child, please do not give permission for children under the care of the User to submit Personal Data to MIB.


4. In the event that the Personal Data of children under 13 (thirteen) years is opened to MIB, the User hereby approves the processing of the child's Personal Data and accepts and agrees to be bound by this Privacy Policy on behalf of the child.

5. MIB will close any account used exclusively by these children and will issue and/or delete any Personal Data that MIB believes is sent without the consent of a parent or legal guardian by a child under the age of 13 (thirteen) years.


Privacy Policy Update

MIB may at any time make changes or updates to this Privacy Policy. MIB recommends that Users read carefully and check the entire Privacy Policy page from time to time to find out any changes.


Complaints related to User Personal Data Protection

1. If the User has concerns about handling or treating MIB to the User's Personal Data or if the User believes that his privacy has been violated, Users can contact MIB through MIB contact that is listed in this Privacy Policy by explaining the identity and nature of the User's complaint.

2. MIB will investigate the User's complaint and attempt to respond to the complaint within a reasonable period of time after receiving.

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